Copy of The Light Shone Through - Softcover

Copy of The Light Shone Through - Softcover

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The Light Shone Through is a 500 page coffee table book of imagery captured around the world, by humanitarian photographer, Katie Basbagill.

The Light Shone Through is a collection of photographs that spans more than a decade. Each image has been curated to create a visual experience that ultimately culminates into the concept of light shining through darkness. It’s a reminder that no matter how heavy and ubiquitous the darkness, the faintest flicker of light can illuminate it.

This collection is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, an exploration of healing wrought through pain, hope wrought through destruction, and the immeasurable life-giving power of human connection. It’s a visual diary of the spectrum of human emotions; a testimony to that millisecond when joy emanates from the heart like the brightest beacon in the night.

This book is neither complete nor comprehensive. My life has been a process of putting one foot in front of the other, and my work is the same: I grow with each photograph I create. I’m sure I’m not even aware how my shortcomings and cultural biases manifest in my work, but I choose to continue to create with honesty, always hoping that grace will reign supreme.

I’m thankful for the honor to travel and listen to countless stories. I’m thankful for the tearful nights when I couldn’t do anything other than sip from a bottle of whiskey and weep for humanity. I’m thankful for the rare privilege to pursue my dreams and see them materialize. I’m thankful for the individuals who have breathed life into my work and offered a couch or a hug when I needed it most.

I invite you into this body of work—a glimpse into my perspective, my heart. Absorb it. Critique it. Most importantly, experience it. I hope that The Light Shone Through reminds you of our shared human experiences of darkness, joy, and connection. I hope in moments it feels familiar, inspires curiosity, and brings us closer to a deeper understanding and love for each other.

Shine On,

Katie Basbagill